E-Commerce Integration

Keeping your inventory up to date within your E-Commerce solution can be time consuming and expensive. However it is essential for your sales to ensure your online data is constantly updated and correct.

iFlex E-Commerce Integration helps you solve these issues by connecting your existing inventory and accounting with your online store. Not only will the inventory be updated, we make sure your CRM receives all data it requires after purchases. We will connect your backoffice by analyzing your data, whether its part of our partner product palette or a independent system.


Automatic Updates

Client Upload

Uploading client information to the e-commerce system for customer access to the system

Data Preview

Preview and select products and clients for integration.

Inventory Upload

Upload our back office inventory to your online e-commerce solution

New Client Generation

New clients generated automatically get downloaded into your back office solution upon registration.

Order Download

Download order and purchase information from the e-commerce solution to your accounting system with all customer information.


Automate and schedule frequent updates without manual interaction.

System Integration

Integrate the most common solutions on the market or implement your own customized back office system

Upload Images

Automatically update images from the inventory to your e-commerce solution.